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 Moe lord character

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Moe lord


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PostSubject: Moe lord character   Mon Dec 07, 2015 1:01 pm

Name Sorin Serban
age 15
gender Male
alignment True neutral
height 5 foot 3
weight 150
hair black
back story: Sorin has spent the last 5 years in the digital world resulting in next to no people skills with actual humans. Doing anything and everything to survive has caused him to have a profound lack of morals. He cares deeply for his Conomon viewing it as his only friend. He has a wild and unruly attitude. He often wears a make shift ghillie suit style cape to hide himself and his Conomon from larger more dangerous digimon. Do to his time living on his own in the digital world he has learned a great deal about survival skills,but do to isolation isnt very book smart.
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Moe lord character
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